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Our Lady's Weapon

Glory to the Heroes Chotki

Glory to the Heroes Chotki

Glory to the Heroes Chotki - a beautifully crafted prayer rope/chain designed to strength your spiritual journey. Made with premium quality steel beads, this chokti is a durable and elegant accessory that will help you focus your prayers and deepen your connection with God.

Each steel bead is expertly strung together to form a classic and intricate design that is both beautiful and functional. With  100, 300 or even 1000 beads, this chokti is the perfect tool for counting prayers or reciting the Jesus Prayer, allowing you to stay focused and centered during your devotional practice. Each set of 10 beads is separated by a black gun metal bead.

In addition to its practical function, the Glory to the Heroes Chotki is also a powerful symbol of faith and devotion. Its elegant design is a beautiful reminder of the deep connection between prayer and spiritual growth, and its use is a way to honor the rich tradition of Eastern Christianity.

Whether you are a seasoned prayer rope user or new to the practice, the Glory to the Heroes Chotki is the perfect tool to help you deepen your spiritual journey. Its beautiful design, durable construction, and powerful symbolism make it a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their prayer life and grow closer to God.
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