About how Our Lady's Weapon started

The inspiration for this mission came from a broken rosary.
Original template used to make the different parts of the rosary
Dorian Kernytsky was gifted a rosary based on a US government-issued World War I rosary. However, one of the decades was missing two beads. After getting a replacement, he still had a rosary with missing beads. Curious to see how he could repair the rosary himself, he learned how to make rosaries using ball chain. Realizing that this could be done at a large scale and being reminded of the words of Our Lady of Fatima, he felt called to make these rosaries for soldiers.

Soon, the order was made to get the materials needed to start making the first sets of rosaries. After much trial and error, the group was able to expand and recruit additional volunteers to help make these rosaries. Currently, Our Lady's Weapon has grown to include nearly 20 people, including refugees from Ukraine whose fathers and husbands are currently fighting to defend their lands.

The rosaries are sent directly to Saints Peter and Paul Garrison Church in Lviv, then given to the chaplains to distribute them to the soldiers.